back to tradition


Every year 8000 kilos of grapes are collected, which are transformed into 5000 liters of Albariño wine.
For wine making, we only use the grapes from our own vineyards.

We pamper the vineyard and take special care in pruning, looking for the quality of the bunch rather than the quantity. Throughout the year we constantly monitor the vineyard and when the grapes are at their optimum ripeness they are picked manually.

The harvest is done without haste and after the first rays of the sun dry the possible drops of dew. As they are being picked they are transported to the winery, so that the time, from cutting to destemming, is as low as possible.

It is macerated with the skins at room temperature between 18 and 20 hours. It is then pressed and left to decant in a steel tank for 24-30 hours, enough time for the impurities to settle to the bottom. Then the wine is transferred to a steel tank in which, in a completely natural way, the alcoholic fermentation will begin, and months later, the malolactic fermentation.
After about 16 months, the wine that has been sitting on its lees for some time is filtered and bottled. The result is a golden wine with green touches with less acidity than usual in modern albariño and low sulfite.