Parisina Daporta


Parisina is the joy of the house, with its permanent smile, illuminates every corner of the cellar. Any event in which she participates becomes a success.

Modern woman and ahead of her time, at 20 years old she already had her own business, she is a defender of the role of the female entrepreneur. It comes from a lineage of strong women who did not depend on a husband or father to decide their destiny and those values he instilled in his daughters. «Never let anyone decide for you».

Her affection and naturalness makes us proud of what we do and where we come from, Parisina gives meaning to everything we do, and is the link between all the members of the family.


“O viño de Evaristo, de Cambados,
probablemente o branco feito con máis amor do mundo!”

Domingos Sampedro
Domingo SampedroSantiago de compostela

“El vino de Evaristo, es un producto de calidad que nace en el Valle del Salnes de una familia encantadora. Es un vino con una imagen impecable y un sabor muy elegante.”

Nacho Crespo
Nacho CrespoQuinta de San Amaro

El vino de Evaristo, es un Albariño tradicional,
con el sabor de los vinos que se hacian antes en Cambados.

Jose AragundeCAMBADOS